APK Bypass FRP


APK Bypass FRP – azROM.net

APK Bypass Google Account

FRP Samsung Simple Mode

Open Calculater | Link2APK
Enter: (+30012012732+
1.Enter code: *#0808# 
Choose: DM + MODEM + ADB
Download Tool Reset-FRP-ADB (PC)
2.korea code: 319712358
SKT:  996412
LUC: 0821
KTC: 774632 or 776631
Select: USB Setting
Choose: DM + MODEM + ADB


FRP Samsung Android 11 & 12

Create account ☞ Alliance shield X 
1./ No Locked FRP Device:
-Download Alliance Shield [App Manager] APK ok (Link2) and install it
-To settings → Account and backup → Backup and restore → Backup App to your Samsung Account
2./ Locked FRP Device:
-Using SamFirm_A.i.o Tools Bypass MTP → Open Browser → Enter azrom.net/bypass
-Click Settings App Goto settings → Account And Backup → Backup And restore → Restore App From Samsung Account to your Deviice
-Install Launcher From Samsung Galaxy Store then open it
-Open Alliance Shieldx And Enter Your Account → Allow all permission
-Open App Manager → Search Service Mode → Activities
-Scroll down find USB Settings → Open → Choose: DM + MODEM + ADB
-Download Tool Reset-FRP-ADB.rar (PC)
-Connect USB Cable And Reset FRP ADB by Tool


OpenGalaxy Store | Link2
OpenGoogle Search
OpenDialer *#0*#
OpenSamsung Dialer
OpenADB (usb debug)
OpenUSB Settings
OpenGoogle Assistant
OpenSamsung Touch ID
OpenSamsung Secure Folder
OpenLockScreen (Settings)
OpenAndroid Hidden (2021)
OpenHidden Settings (2020)
OpenMy File Samsung
OpenSamsung Pass
OpenSamsung Browser
OpenSmart Switch
OpenS9 Launcher
OpenAlliance Shield App
InstallAlliance Shield (New ok)

Alliance-ShieldX-v0.9.02.apk | Link2 

Android-5-GAM.apk | Link2 
Android-6-GAM.apk | Link2 
Android-7-GAM.apk | Link2 
Android-8+9+10-GAM.apk | Link2 
FRP-Bypass.apk | Link2 
Bar-Settings.apk | Link2 
Factory-Test-1.7.4.apk | Link2 
Setting.apk | Link2 
FRP-azROMnet.apk | Link2 
FRP-Samsung-Android-7.apk | Link2 
Calculator.apk | Link2 
Development-Settings-1.7.apk | Link2 
HushSMS.apk | Link2 
Launcher.apk | Link2 
Nova-Launcher-4.3.1.apk | Link2 
Vivo-Launcher-1.0.0.apk | Link2 
Phone-Factory-Reset-v1.3.apk | Link2 
Phone-Clone.apk | Link2 
Moto-frp2016.apk | Link2 
Quick-Shortcut-Maker-2.4.0.apk | Link2 
RootExplorer-4.4.2.apk | Link2 
ES-File-Explorer.apk | Link2 
File-Commander-Manager.apk | Link2 
Menu-Button.apk | Link2 

1.Package-Disabler-Pro.apk | Link2 
2.PDP_Engine.apk | Link2 
Technocare.apk | Link2 
Test-DPC.apk | Link2