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APK Bypass Google Account

Solution 1click open browser All samsung devices new version

FRP Samsung Simple Mode

Open Calculater | Link2APK
Enter: (+30012012732+
1.Enter code: *#0808# 
Choose: DM + MODEM + ADB
Download Tool Reset-FRP-ADB (PC)
2.korea code: 319712358
SKT:  996412
LUC: 0821
KTC: 774632 or 776631
Select: USB Setting
Choose: DM + MODEM + ADB


FRP Samsung Android 11 & 12

Create account ☞ Alliance shield X 
1./ No Locked FRP Device:
-Download Alliance Shield [App Manager] APK ok (Link2) and install it
-To settings → Account and backup → Backup and restore → Backup App to your Samsung Account
2./ Locked FRP Device:
-Using SamFirm_A.i.o Tools Bypass MTP → Open Browser → Enter azrom.net/bypass
-Click Settings App Goto settings → Account And Backup → Backup And restore → Restore App From Samsung Account to your Deviice
-Install Launcher From Samsung Galaxy Store then open it
-Open Alliance Shieldx And Enter Your Account → Allow all permission
-Open App Manager → Search Service Mode → Activities
-Scroll down find USB Settings → Open → Choose: DM + MODEM + ADB
-Download Tool Reset-FRP-ADB.rar (PC)
-Connect USB Cable And Reset FRP ADB by Tool


OpenGalaxy Store | Link2
OpenGoogle Search
OpenLockScreen (Settings)
OpenAndroid Hidden (2021)
OpenHidden Settings (2020)
OpenMy File Samsung
OpenSamsung Pass
OpenSamsung Browser
OpenSmart Switch
OpenS9 Launcher
OpenAlliance Shield App
InstallAlliance Shield (New ok)

Alliance-ShieldX-v0.8.05.apk | Link2 
Alliance-ShieldX-v0.8.02.apk | Link2 
Android-5-GAM.apk | Link2 
Android-6-GAM.apk | Link2 
Android-7-GAM.apk | Link2 
Android-8+9+10-GAM.apk | Link2 
FRP-Bypass.apk | Link2 
Setting.apk | Link2 
FRP-azROMnet.apk | Link2 
FRP-Samsung-Android-7.apk | Link2 
Calculator.apk | Link2 
Development-Settings-1.7.apk | Link2 
HushSMS.apk | Link2 
Launcher.apk | Link2 
Nova-Launcher-4.3.1.apk | Link2 
Vivo-Launcher-1.0.0.apk | Link2 
Phone-Factory-Reset-v1.3.apk | Link2 
Phone-Clone.apk | Link2 
Moto-frp2016.apk | Link2 
Quick-Shortcut-Maker-2.4.0.apk | Link2 
RootExplorer-4.4.2.apk | Link2 
ES-File-Explorer.apk | Link2 
File-Commander-Manager.apk | Link2 
Menu-Button.apk | Link2 

1.Package-Disabler-Pro.apk | Link2 
2.PDP_Engine.apk | Link2 
Technocare.apk | Link2 
Test-DPC.apk | Link2